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How to create a new language in Umbraco for the Tea Commerce Starter Kit v2

This tutorial will help you create a new language for the Tea Commerce Starter Kit v2 and start translating all the many dictionary items. Just to clearify, this has very little to do with Tea Commerce. It’s standard Umbraco stuff. You will be able to translate both the frontend texts as well as all the texts in the backend.
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Tea Commerce Master product

This blog post will explain how Master products works in Tea Commerce.
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Tea Commerce server side validation

Tea Commerce is all about great design and a cool javaScripts. For this reason it is easy to forget the need for server side validation of customer data. To place an order, a user would have put something in his cart, but he may also need to enter some specific data about himself or the order. In most cases common javascript validation will be sufficient, but JavaScript validation can be cheated. If it is important to collect valid data, server side validation will be needed.
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Google Analytics e-commerce

Do you know who your paying customers on your site is? And do you have an overview of what and how much they buy? To know this, you need to know how your customers move on your website. Google Analytics provides, as standard lots of opportunities to explore your users’ behavior, but with a few additions to Google analytics and your shop, you will have even more knowledge.
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Tea Commerce languages, countries and currencies

Countries, currencies and languages have a very central function in Tea Commerce and it is important to understand how they work. I will list the most important knowledge them below.
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Upgrading to Tea Commerce 1.4

SORRY! We are doing it again! We have once and for all, following requests from you wonderful people in the Umbraco community, refactored the JavaScript API. What we’ve done now is to create a settings object that can be extended indefinitely. First upgrade Tea Commerce Go and download Tea Commerce at our Umbraco. Then install [...]
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Upgrading to Tea Commerce 1.3

This blog post describes how you can update your Tea Commerce ecommerce from a pre v1.3 Tea Commerce to a v1.3 +.
Upgrading Your Tea Commerce solution to 1.3 means that you probably should have addressed some of your JavaScript. As you can read in the Tea Commerce revision history a few breaking changes have been made in the core JavaScript file. Don’t panic… It can be easily solved.
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Tea Commerce Umbraco Razor

Tea Commerce provides an API for your Razor scripts. The methods basically gives you the same functionality available in the XSLT extension API. This blog post gives you a list of methods and their signatures.
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How to make a License webshop

Many small or medium-sized developers have created software products they want to sell. Maybe they sell them already, but everything is done manually and they may lose some customers who thought it too difficult to buy or who is not familiar with the product. The solution is often to sell the products through a webshop. The problem is that webshops are often too costly, too cumbersome or simply do not meet the requirements.

In collaboration with Anders Burla Johansen I have developed an extension to Tea Commerce, which makes it easier than easy to get your own license webshop up and running. On this page you can find everything you need to do to make your own license webshop with Tea Commerce and Umbraco.
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New website for Jensen’s Foods

Just recently Jensen’s Foods new website went online. The company based in Struer, Denmark have had large ambitions for the new website and has also had the will to put resources into it. It has therefore been a very exciting site to set up. Besides a good cooperation with Jensen’s Foods, it’s been a pleasure to work with Happy Advertising , who has been responsible for the design of the site.
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